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In 1995 Conturkliniken® was founded by Dr Gunnar Göransson who is one of the pioneers in Sweden and the world in the use of lasers in aesthetic surgery. Dr Gunnar has been using lasers instead of knives for eyelid surgery since 1989. Conturkliniken® was also the first in Sweden to use the so-called Ultrapulse laser technology for wrinkle removal.

  • Leading equipment
  • Harmonious premises with private accommodation
  • Combination treatments
  • Own anaesthetists
  • Analyses and personal interviews before authorisation of treatment
  • All doctors at the Conturkliniken® have extensive experience

Through dedicated training with leaders in their fields, and development work for over 20 years, a unique treatment concept has been created. It combines traditional plastic surgery methods with new methods such as endoscopic surgery with laser treatments and non-surgical methods. All in order to offer the patient an optimal combination treatment with natural results.

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Office and consultation room at Conturkliniken®.

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Operating theatre

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Waiting room at Conturkliniken.

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Waiting room at Conturkliniken.

The waiting room

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Office and consultation room at Conturkliniken®. operating theatre of the contour clinic contour clinic room for patients Waiting room at Conturkliniken. Waiting room at Conturkliniken. the reception of Conturkliniken® in stockholm

About us and Conturmetoden

Aesthetic treatments are about so much more than just technical equipment. At Conturkliniken®, we have since the beginning (1995) had the goal that every patient is unique and we always have the ambition to look at the whole picture and not only focus on the surgical procedure.

With us, you can therefore feel safe and assured that you get the most qualitative and safe treatment available on the market today. A personal care and a careful follow-up.

This is the philosophy behind Conturmetoden, the unique method that Conturkliniken® is unique and always works according to. From the very beginning, we had a strong belief that our way of working and our philosophy was something that many people had been missing and looking for. It turned out that we were right.

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But this success has not made us large and impersonal. Instead, we have deepened and further developed our way of working. And we carry that with us into the future.

Our work at Conturkliniken® is always based on a holistic view of the human being. We are at the forefront of development and expertise, and when you wish, we can combine different treatment methods, both surgical and non-surgical, so that your treatment provides a natural and aesthetic result that harmonises with the whole.

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You are always welcome to make an appointment for a consultation so we can tell you more about how we can help you. We are also happy to send you further information about our treatments and Conturkliniken®.

Unique offer for our loyal customers!

As a returning customer, you get a big advantage with us - the Conturkortet! Read more about what it means here. Laser technology has meant that specific lasers have been developed for specific laser treatments. They are popularly known as hair lasers, vessel lasers and tattoo lasers. What they have in common is that they are not used for surgical procedures.

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