Conturmetoden™ - for natural results and your well-being

It is important that you decide who should know what about you.

For us at Conturkliniken® in Stockholm, it is important to achieve a naturally beautiful appearance that harmonises with the whole, and that does not reveal any intervention. Therefore, we perform all our treatments according to Conturkliniken.

Waiting room at Conturkliniken.
the reception of Conturkliniken® in stockholm

With us, each treatment is individually designed, and we often work with a combination of different measures - both surgical and non-surgical.

Combining different methods in most cases gives a superior result, with less contrast after the procedure and only one recovery time as well as lower overall costs. Of course, you can also choose to take one thing at a time.

For us, Conturmetoden™ is not only about the procedure itself, but also about giving each patient a personalised approach throughout the treatment - where the follow-up is an important part for you, and for us.

We have the privilege of being a treatment team with different specialities working together to ensure that each patient receives the treatment that suits their expectations.

Book a consultation

You are always welcome to make an appointment for a consultation. Then we can tell you more about how we can help you. We are also happy to send you further information about our treatments and Conturkliniken® in Stockholm.

An example of how we work

A patient presents with drooping eyelids, under-eye wrinkles and sun-damaged skin with uneven pigmentation, vessels on the nose and deep folds in the nasal-mouth angle.

Therefore, when you come to Conturkliniken® in Stockholm, you will meet with a doctor and/or a nurse to ask questions, address any concerns and clarify your expectations. Based on solid knowledge and long experience, we make an analysis. Together, we have 90–100 years of experience and this provides a solid foundation for our counselling.

If you decide on a treatment, we will plan it together and we will help you set up your personal plan for how and in what order your signs of ageing will be treated and the results maintained.

Dr Gunnar Göransson with patient. Consultation before a facial treatment.
elderly woman facing facial treatment

After the consultation, a possible treatment proposal could be:

  • Laser eyelid surgery,
  • laser peeling of under-eye wrinkles,
  • skin care programmes for the face in general,
  • IPL treatment of vessels on the nose; and
  • hyaluronic acid (Restylane/Juvederm) to fill up the deep crease.

The treatment would result in an improvement in several areas of the face, with each sub-treatment enhancing the overall picture. With this type of combined procedure, the result is more natural with less contrast. There is one convalescence period instead of several. It also costs less.

Of course, as a patient you can choose only one treatment, e.g. hanging overlock. If you want to do more, you can do it later. We take care of you all the way, even after the treatment when we do a thorough follow-up.

The four components of Conturmetoden:

Aesthetic surgery

Conturmetoden™ often means that we combine several forms of treatment. Aesthetic surgery refers to operations performed using traditional surgical techniques.

The most common treatments are

  • facelift,
  • rhinoplasty,
  • breast implants,
  • fat grafting,
  • liposuction and
  • endoscopic surgery ("keyhole surgery") for eyebrow/forehead lifts.

For an optimal and long-lasting result, we often combine aesthetic surgery with other treatments. For example, we may perform an endoscopic brow/forehead lift with simultaneous laser eyelid surgery and laser peeling of wrinkles around the eyes, which provides a total rejuvenation of the eye region.

Aesthetic laser surgery

Aesthetic laser surgery is one of Conturkliniken's pioneering areas. Laser technology has made it possible to use a laser instead of a knife in certain procedures, which is advantageous for both the surgeon and the patient.

The ultra-pulse laser is one of the most advanced lasers on the market. It can be used to make incisions in the skin, to treat wrinkles in the skin plane and, to some extent, to treat scars.

In eyelid surgery, both upper and lower, the incisions are made with the Ultrapulse laser, which gives precise cuts, less bruising, swelling and pain than with a knife. For the patient, this means milder and shorter convalescence and a faster return to work. The ultra-pulse laser also allows for the removal of wrinkles and leads to the regeneration of collagen, resulting in skin rejuvenation.

In scar treatment, the Ultrapulse laser can sometimes be used with other techniques such as chemical peeling and fat grafting.

An example of a combination treatment is a facelift performed simultaneously with laser eyelid surgery and laser peeling of the skin around the eyes or the entire face.

laser surgery in progress at the contour clinic
girl receives laser peeling treatment

Aesthetic laser treatment

We have extensive experience in laser treatment and are at the forefront of development. Laser technology has meant that specific lasers have been developed for specific laser treatments.

They are popularly known as hair lasers, vascular lasers and tattoo lasers. What they have in common is that they are not used for surgical procedures.

At Conturkliniken® in Stockholm, we perform laser treatment with IPL technology, which is an intense pulsed light that can be used in different wavelengths. What we laser treat in this way is discolouring vessels on the face and neck. Laser treatment with IPL technology is also used for so-called skin rejuvenation. With a series of treatments as the sole method, or in combination with Conturkliniken's medical skin care programme, an improvement in the structure of the skin is achieved.

Conturkliniken® also performs laser treatment with the new ELOS technology, which is a further development of IPL. ELOS stands for Electro Optical Synergy and combines IPL or laser and radio frequency. The technology enables both effective and safe laser treatment of pigment spots, superficial blood vessels, wrinkles and skin tightening.

Laser treatment for tattoo removal requires a specialised laser, a so-called Q-switched Yag laser. It can also laser treat various benign pigment spots on the face and hands.

Aesthetic medicine

New treatments without convalescence. Aesthetic medicine is a relatively new concept. Today, many corrections can be made without using either a knife or a laser - this is when we talk about aesthetic medicine.

Aesthetic medical treatments include different types of injections. For example, wrinkles and folds in the face can be filled with injections such as Restylane or Juvederm.

Wrinkles that depend on muscle movement can be treated with Botox / Vistabel. For example, the wrinkle between the eyebrows, laugh lines around the eyes, etc. Aged skin with, for example, sun damage and pigment spots can be improved by treatment with medical skin care programmes offered by the clinic.

The injection of veins on the legs is another example.

A common feature of these treatments is that there is no immediate convalescence. These treatments can of course be combined with facelift and laser surgery.