Fresh and modern surgical ward

operationstillbehör och verktyg

At Conturkliniken® we have a separate operating theatre. It is specially equipped for surgery with general anaesthesia. We perform all operations there and it is separated from the other rooms to minimise the risk of infection. Most operations are day surgeries, which means you can go home on the same day as your surgery. If an operation requires an overnight stay, you will stay on our ward and get a single room with a night nurse on the ward.

operating theatre of the contour clinic
  • Leading equipment
  • Harmonious premises with private accommodation
  • Combination treatments
  • Own anaesthetists
  • Analyses and personal interviews before authorisation of treatment
  • All doctors at the Conturkliniken® have extensive experience

Before surgery

You will receive all the information you need in good time before the day of the operation and we also have telephone contact the day before you come to us. You will then be told what time you should come to the clinic.

This is not the time when the operation starts but the time you should be in place so that we have plenty of time to prepare you for the procedure, this means that there may be a waiting time at the clinic. You will meet your doctor before you go in for surgery and also talk to the anaesthetist.

the reception of Conturkliniken® in stockholm
contour clinic room for patients

After surgery

Once you have woken up properly and feel comfortable, we will offer you coffee/tea and a sandwich. You will also meet your doctor and have the chance to ask further questions if you need to. Before you are ready to go home, we will rehearse the instructions you received in writing to make the time after surgery as comfortable as possible.


Our anaesthetists are specially trained in anaesthesia and are active in university clinics in Stockholm. The anaesthetist is present throughout the operation and is responsible for pain relief and monitoring your safety during the operation and until you are fully awake.