Vår filosofi grundar sig på att varje människa är unik

We see adapting the various treatments to skin type, bone structure, age and health as a prerequisite for achieving a natural and beautiful result. Our work is characterised by the fact that every person is unique, which is why the consultation before a procedure is so very important. Together we will come up with a solution that suits you.

Waiting room at Conturkliniken.
Dr Gunnar Göransson with patient. Consultation before a facial treatment.

Only the best is good enough

Being at the forefront of technology is important to us. We want to make sure that our patients get the best of recent developments. That's why we make sure we continually train with the world's leading doctors/researchers. But aesthetic treatments are about much more than just high technical competence.

From the very beginning, one of the cornerstones of our business was to see each patient from a holistic perspective and not just focus on clinical treatment. As a patient, you can therefore feel safe and confident that you are getting the best possible help in choosing the right treatment or combination of treatments.

It is the the whole that counts

Of course, our goal is always for you as a patient to get the best possible result. That is, a natural and aesthetic result that harmonises with the whole. For us, there is not just one best way to address a person's signs of ageing. Therefore, each treatment is individually designed, and we often work with a combination of different treatment methods, both surgical and non-surgical.

Combining different methods in many cases also provides a superior result, with less post-surgery contrast, a shorter recovery time as well as lower overall costs.

surgeon examines woman for combination facial treatment

Personalised care and close follow-up

When planning one or more procedures, it is of course very important that you feel safe and have full confidence in the clinic you choose.

Conturmetoden® is not only about the procedure itself, but also about giving each patient personalised care throughout the treatment. Even though each treatment is individually designed, we always follow a certain workflow where the follow-up afterwards is at least as important as the procedure itself.

But of course, you are always welcome to come to us with your questions – you never have to feel that you can only contact us at the times we have agreed.