Conturkliniken® in Stockholm doctors and staff

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At Conturkliniken® in Stockholm, our doctors have a very long combined experience in surgery. We work according to Conturmetoden. This means that each person is unique and needs an individual plan in order to achieve a natural and beautiful result. During a consultation, we will find a solution that suits you.

Conturmetoden® is not only about the procedure itself, but also about giving each patient personalised care throughout the treatment. Even though each treatment is individually designed, we always follow a certain workflow where the follow-up afterwards is at least as important as the procedure itself.


A medical team at the cutting edge

Being at the forefront of technology is important to us. We want to make sure that our patients get the best out of recent developments. That's why we make sure we continuously train with the world's leading doctors/researchers.

Dr Gunnar Göransson

Clinic manager: Surgeon specialising in aesthetic surgery and laser surgery. Has been working with aesthetic surgery and laser treatments/surgery since 1988.

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Dr Richard Rylander

Plastic surgeon: Rylander has been a double specialist in plastic surgery since 2001 and in ear, nose and throat diseases since 1996. Since 2006, Rylander has worked full-time in aesthetic surgery.

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Dr Filip Farnebo

Plastic surgeon: Filip Farnebo is a long-standing specialist in plastic surgery and has worked in aesthetic surgery since 2008.

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Dr Carl Henrik Schelp

Specialist in vascular surgery: Dr Carl Henrik Schelp is a double specialist in vascular and general surgery. He has extensive experience in vascular surgery, having previously worked as a consultant at the University Hospital in Bergen (Norway) until 2014.

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Specialist nurse of Conturkliniken

Nurse Carina Bardosson

Injection specialist: Worked in emergency care 1993–2005. Licensed nurse with aesthetic specialisation since 2005. Performs all types of injection treatments, aesthetic laser treatments and is responsible for medical skin care.

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The valuable staff of Conturkliniken



Assistant nurse
Gunilla has extensive experience as an assistant nurse. At Conturkliniken
working in the operating ward, in the post-operative care of patients and in the clinic's reception area.


Patient coordinator
A qualified assistant nurse with extensive clinical and administrative experience. This is the person you usually talk to on the phone or meet when you come to us. She is responsible for booking consultations and operations.


Assistant nurse
Sanna is an assistant nurse with extensive experience. She works in the surgical ward, in postoperative care and in the clinic's reception.

It's all about giving you constant confidence. In addition to this staff, we have a team of specialist anaesthetists, surgical nurses and night nurses, working on the days of surgery and with overnight patients.

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