How long do fillers last?

How long fillers last is individual and varies from person to person. Results usually last 4-12 months, but sometimes results last longer than that.

Factors that can affect the duration of the results of the treatment include, for example:

  • skin quality
  • age
  • metabolism
  • which area is being addressed
  • the amount of fillers used in the treatment.

Are fillers permanent?

Fillers are not permanent and therefore not something that stays in the body. However, the result is usually long-lasting. Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the body and can therefore be broken down by the body over time.

You can read more about what fillers contain in our knowledge base

Do I need to repeat my filler treatment?

Because fillers are not permanent, you will need to repeat the treatment if you want to maintain your results. For different people, the result lasts differently and it varies how often an injection treatment needs to be repeated.

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