Breast enlargement in front or behind the muscle?

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There are many advantages to placing the breast implant partially behind the large pectoral muscle. You can read more about what we recommend here.

By placing the breast implant with the upper part behind the pectoral muscle and the lower part of the implant in front of the pectoral muscle, a natural transition is created and the shape of the breast is not too far down. Simply put, you get a great looking décolletage.

However, there may be reasons to place the breast implant in front of the muscle instead of behind it. One such reason may be that you want to correct a slightly sagging bust (up to 2 cm of sagging can be corrected in this way), but without performing an actual breast lift. By placing the implant in front of the muscle, the breast is lifted a few centimetres and the perceived sagging can then be corrected.

The exact placement of the breast implants is always determined by a careful consultation between the patient and the doctor. We are happy to talk more about your circumstances and answer all your questions during a consultation.