Can I do a forehead lift without anaesthesia

The answer to that question is yes - and no.

Operating lights
operating theatre of the contour clinic

Today, many people feel anxious about the idea of being anaesthetised. They may have had bad experiences with anaesthesia, or feel uncomfortable about losing consciousness. You may have underlying medical conditions or be taking medication that makes anaesthesia inappropriate. But even if you are against general anaesthesia, you may still be interested in procedures such as forehead lifts.

Forehead lift without anaesthesia

In principle, all procedures can be performed under local anaesthesia. You will be given an anaesthetic on your face and scalp, which allows you to be awake during the whole procedure but not to feel the procedure.

Forehead lift under anaesthesia

Although it is possible to perform a forehead lift without anaesthesia, it is usually better for both the patient and the surgeon if the patient is anaesthetised. This type of procedure involves a light anaesthetic. There is no need to stay asleep overnight, as the procedure is completed in a couple of hours. It is easier for the surgeon to work with an anaesthetised patient. It is therefore preferable in most cases.

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