Can I liposuction my thighs?

Yes, the thighs are a common and easy place to perform liposuction. We at Conturkliniken® offer liposuction of the thighs - both inside and outside.

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Thighplasty or thigh lift with natural results

Many have problems that can be corrected with liposuction

Experiencing problems with thigh fat is very common. When the fat is located on the upper part of the thighs, it is sometimes referred to as saddlebags and affects everything from how clothes fit to self-esteem. This type of fat deposit on the legs is often very difficult to train away, or influence through dietary habits. The fat is genetically determined and also hormonal.

Others have problems with chafing, irritated skin on their inner thighs in the summer when it's hot. The reason is that the thighs rub against each other when wearing a dress or skirt. This problem can also be corrected with liposuction. If you have a lot of excess skin, it may be a good idea to combine liposuction with thighplasty

Thigh liposuction - a common procedure

With traditional liposuction, you can reduce the circumference of your thighs and get rid of your saddlebags or other problems such as chafing inner thighs. Moreover, thigh liposuction is a relatively simple procedure and one of the most common.

The surgeons at Conturkliniken® have extensive experience of liposuction, and many people choose to consult us about their desire to liposuction their thighs. The skin on the outside of the thighs has a good ability to recover and over the years we have seen many great results.

Good to know if you want to liposuction your thighs

During the first consultation, we will go through your wishes and the procedure with you. Here you have the chance to ask any questions you may have and give a clear picture of your expectations. Everyone has individual conditions and expectations, so it is important for us to make an individual assessment of how we can help you.

  • The operation is performed under local anaesthesia and general anaesthesia.
  • Depending on the extent of the procedure, it may be necessary to stay overnight.
  • For the first few weeks after surgery, compression trousers is used
  • The results are immediately visible

Are you interested in liposuctioning your thighs? Take the contact with Conturkliniken!