Treatments for skin rejuvenation and preventing unwanted signs of ageing

On facial ageing and possible actions

There are several reasons why a face changes with age. You may experience a rapid change yourself, but in reality it is a slow process. Often it is a combination of these changes that causes the signs of ageing.

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The face is the first thing we see in a person.

How we age and the rate at which signs of ageing appear is individual. Both hereditary factors and lifestyle play a role. Sun, smoking and other unhealthy activities can accelerate the process.

before and after facial treatment in an elderly woman with ageing skin
  • The skin ages and loses its elasticity.
  • Sun damage in the form of pigmentary changes and wrinkles in the skin. Over time, superficial blood vessels and patchy hair growth may also appear.
  • The subcutaneous fat of the face is reduced, resulting in hollow eyes, folds around the mouth and a sunken and generally thinner face.
  • Muscles and connective tissue in the face become weaker, resulting in hamster bags in the lower part of the cheeks and sagging skin on the neck.
  • Repeated localised muscle activity between the eyes and around the mouth, for example, induces wrinkles.
  • The shape of the nose changes.
  • The eyebrows fall down, as does the forehead. Drooping eyelids and bags under the eyes occur.

Some people develop droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes or hollow eyes at an early age due to heredity. Others get it later in life. Therefore, there are no general rules on when it is most appropriate to change what you don't like about your appearance.

In recent years, developments in aesthetic surgery, laser surgery, laser treatments and aesthetic medicine have made it possible to achieve total rejuvenation through a combination of procedures. In other words, it is possible to:

  • Rejuvenate the skin and address superficial wrinkles.
  • Restore lost volume.
  • Lifting what has fallen down. Below is an overview of the different types of problems, how they can be addressed and what results can be expected.
  • Non-surgical procedures

  • Surgical procedures

General signs of ageing, reduced elasticity, sun damage, superficial pigment spots, small folds and wrinkles.Medical skin care programme in combination with IPL treatment.Healthier skin, more even colour, better elasticity and smoother skin.
The above but with generalised pigment problems, known as melasma.Medical skin care programme in combination with one or more chemical peels.Healthier skin, smoother with less pigment and less prone to pigmentation spots.
Acne scars and large pores. uneven skinMedical skin care programme. Several chemical peels in combination with IPL - Fx laserHealthier skin, more even colour, better elasticity and smoother skin.
Superficial blood vessels and rosacea.IPL- and vascular laser treatment. Antibiotics for active rosacea. Medical skin care programme.Reduces or removes the vessels. Improves rosacea but does not cure.
Wrinkles in the skin plane. Reduced elasticity around the mouth, eyes or throughout the face.Medical skin care programme and Fx laser treatment.Skin rejuvenation. Smoother and firmer skin.
Wrinkles and folds when the face is at rest. Eyebrow creases, nose and mouth creases, and superficial creases in general.Restylane and Juvederm s k filler. Fills in wrinkles.Smoothing of wrinkles and folds. Requires maintenance.
Wrinkles and folds caused by muscle activity, such as around the eyes, between the eyebrows and on the forehead.Vistabel-Botox. Blocks nerve impulses and reduces wrinkles (but does not fill in).Reduces wrinkles and folds during activity in the affected muscle. Repeat every 3-5 months.
Volume loss in the face makes you look older.Injection treatment with Restylane and Juvederm recreates volume.Younger, more vibrant look with even a slight lift of the face.
Pigmentation and age spots on the hands. loss of elasticitySingle spots are treated with Q-switched Yag laser. The entire back of the hand is treated with chemical peeling.Rejuvenation of hands.
Drooping upper eyelidsEyelid surgery by laser.More open and lively eyes.
Bags under the eyes due to fat pad, but smooth skin.Lower eyelid surgery with FX laser. Cut on the inside, not visible.Brighter eyes and smooth under eyes.
Wrinkles under and around the eyes loss of elasticityReduced elasticity. TotalFX laser peeling of the skin around the eyes.Rejuvenation of the skin. Smoother skin with better elasticity.
Thick skin under the eyes that forms folds.Lower eyelid surgery by laser. Incision under the eye and removal of excess skin.Smoother under the eyes and look more lively.
Sunken under the eyes with a dark shadow.Fat transplant.Brighter appearance, less shadow. Lasting effect.
Lowered eyebrows and/or forehead.Endoscopic (keyhole) lifting of eyebrows/forehead.More open gaze with clearer eyelids and creases. smoother forehead
sunken face, cheeks or other areas.Fat transplant.Restored volume for a younger look. Lasting effect.
Sagging cheeks with hamster bags and hanging neck skin.Face lift with a neck lift.Rejuvenation of the face and neck.
Only lowered cheeks.Mid-face lift/child lift.Rejuvenation of the mid-face.
Double chin without hanging skin.Liposuction of the chin/neck.Clearer jawline and defined neck.
Double chin with hanging skin.Liposuction and neck lift.Rejuvenation of the neck region.
Floating haka.Chin implant.Improves the balance between the chin area and the rest of the face.
Outstanding ears.Otoplasty.Ears closer to the head - better balance in the face.
Downward-facing muzzles.Mouth angle plasty, restylane injection, juvenile injection and/or botox.Happier mouth.
Thin, narrow lips.Restylane / Juvederm or injection with own fat.Fuller lips.
Dr Gunnar Göransson with patient. Consultation before a facial treatment.

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