How can I look younger on my face?

We can help you look younger with our various facial treatments, combination treatments and surgeries such as facelifts.

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elderly woman facing facial treatment

Ageing is a gradual process that takes place throughout life. The skin ages, with the elasticity of the skin decreasing with age and depending on how the skin has been exposed to the sun. Subcutaneous fat decreases with age and the face and neck sag. However, depending on where you are in life, different treatments are required.

All adults can improve the appearance and quality of their skin with Medical skincare products, which both repairs the skin and prevents signs of ageing.

Later in life, the lost volume may need to be replaced, which can be done with the use of fillers or with the patient's own fat. If the ageing process has progressed, even a facelift required to turn back the clock and look younger.

Conturmetoden is Conturkliniken®'s own concept for the holistic assessment of signs of ageing, which often leads to a variety of personalised solutions. combination therapies, depending on where you are on the age ladder.

We can make a personalised assessment and see what we can do to achieve your desire for a younger looking face during a consultation. You are welcome to book a consultation!

Dr Gunnar Göransson with patient. Consultation before a facial treatment.