How does a Botox eyebrow lift work?

Have you noticed that your eyebrows are starting to be affected by gravity? Do you have a habit of raising your eyebrows, which has led to wrinkles on your forehead? Or perhaps you have strong facial expressions that are now starting to show.

You can freshen up your eyes with botox!

Patient receiving a consultation for a forehead and eyebrow lift.

It is common to perceive one's appearance as more tired when the forehead is wrinkled. It also seems outdated. Botox can lift the eyebrows by a few millimetres.

If your eyebrows have dropped a lot, you are more likely to benefit from a surgical procedure such as a brow lift. What is best for you often depends on your age and your expectations. For those who are not interested in facial surgery, botox is a good option.

How a Botox eyebrow lift works

The first thing we do is a consultation with you where we go through what you expect and where we can offer. After agreeing on the right treatment method, we will explain the procedure to you and inform you of everything you need to know - and answer all your questions, of course.

An eyebrow lift with botox is performed by injecting specific points just below the eyebrow. Botox has a muscle relaxant effect, which relaxes the muscles in the forehead and smoothes the wrinkles. Results are seen within 14 days of treatment and last for about four months.

Some people think that they get the desired results by lifting only the outer part of the eyebrows, but you can also get a lift by focusing on the more central parts.

If you have a lot of sagging skin under your eyebrows, you will get better results with surgical procedures, such as forehead lift