How often should breast implants be changed?

How often you should replace your breast implants depends on the type of implant you have. We use high quality implants that are generally not replaced.

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At Conturkliniken® we only use the leading brands of breast implants available on the market today - Mentor and Motiva.

These types of so-called gelatinous implants have the potential to last a long time in the body. The most common reason for changing implants is that the body and breasts have changed shape after, for example, pregnancy/breastfeeding or weight gain/loss, which means that the implant you initially chose does not fit as well anymore.

The most important thing is to feel how your breasts and inserts feel. If, for example, you notice changes or that one breast feels harder than the other or swells, you should consult your doctor or clinic.

It is also important that you attend the mammography check-ups that you are invited to during your life, just remember to tell them that you have breast implants and they will know what to do.