How do you get rid of double chin?

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Many people are annoyed by the fat under the chin and on the neck, and wonder how to get rid of the double chin. Often, this is an area that is difficult to work on through exercise and diet, and even if you have a fit body, the double chin can get stuck.

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That's where we at Conturkliniken® come in - the double chin is easy to get rid of surgically!

The problem of a double chin can occur at any age - but the causes vary. Some people are simply overweight, while others have a short neck where the fat is particularly visible, or the accumulation of fat is genetic. However, age can influence the choice of treatment method.

  • Younger people usually have good elasticity in their skin, so to get a more beautiful profile on the chin, it is usually enough to use a skin resurfacing programme. liposuction
  • If you are a little older, the elasticity of the skin is reduced and a combination of the following is usually required liposuction and lifting

You can also get rid of the double chin!

Today's liposuction methods are so precise and gentle that it is possible to liposuction small areas of the body, thus getting rid of the double chin. Using very thin needles, it is possible to perform the procedure - and the patient can go home the same day! The result is a sharper jawline that is not "weighed down" by a double chin. This can be both rejuvenating and beautifying. Liposuction of the chin usually gives a nice and satisfactory result, as the skin under the chin is so elastic that it easily contracts after the treatment.

Do you also have a double chin that you would like to get rid of? Book a consultation with Conturkliniken!