Hyaluronic acid in lips

Recreate the old look of the lips, or add volume to enhance and improve the appearance of the lips.

Do you want fuller, more youthful lips and a more beautiful smile? People all over the world are choosing hyaluronic acid filler treatments. It's a simple method that delivers natural results.

We at Conturkliniken offers fillers with hyaluronic acid for the lips.

Popular fillers with hyaluronic acid

As you approach your 30s, your skin starts to lose some of its natural hyaluronic acid, and that includes your lips. It's no wonder that over the past 20 years, hyaluronic acid fillers have become one of the most popular methods of lip augmentation.

The method is natural and not permanent, while the proven experience and quality make it a safe choice.

Naturally beautiful lips with hyaluronic acid fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule that can bind a thousand times its own weight in water. It is naturally present in the body and skin, but breaks down very quickly, often within 1-2 days. But the hyaluronic acid used in fillers has been adjusted to take the body longer to break down - it can take 6-18 months.

How a hyaluronic acid injection works

  • Some people like to apply an anaesthetic cream before the injection, but this is not essential.
  • The treatment itself takes about 2-5 minutes. Just during the injection, you may experience some mild pain and bleeding at the injection site.
  • Afterwards, it is common to feel a slight soreness or tension in the lip. You may also react with bruising, itching and swelling. One thing to keep in mind is that painkillers containing ibuprofen are blood thinners and therefore increase the risk of bruising.
  • About two weeks after the treatment you can see the final result. The effect lasts up to 8-18 months.

Treating the lips with hyaluronic acid

Are you considering a hyaluronic acid treatment for your lips? Start by contacting us for a consultation to discuss your expectations. We will look at before and after pictures of different results and discuss your needs and wishes. It is important to go to a well-trained and knowledgeable practitioner who works with proven methods. But also that the practitioner listens to you and understands what you want to achieve.