Do you need painkillers or anaesthesia before treatment?

All people have different pain thresholds and experience and react differently to pain. Before a filler treatment, you choose whether you want a little local anaesthetic ointment before the treatment. For botox, no anaesthetic is given beforehand.

Man get an injection treatment with filler or botox.

Painkillers before fillers

If you are having a filler treatment, you can choose whether you want to have some local anaesthetic ointment during the treatment. The ointment is applied to the area to be treated and anaesthetises the area. The filler itself also contains a certain amount of local anaesthetic to reduce any pain that may occur.

Feel free to ask us during your consultation if you are worried about pain or have other concerns about your treatment!

Painkiller before botox (botulinum toxin)

No anaesthesia is given before a botox treatment, but would you like to know more about botox treatments for wrinkles and sweating? Read more here!

What kind of painkillers should I avoid before and after my filler treatment?

There are some painkillers that you should avoid when doing an injection treatment. Some painkillers have a slight blood-thinning effect and can make bruising easier during the injection.

Avoid tablets containing acetylsalicylic acid, such as

  • Aspirin
  • Magnecyl
  • Treo.

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