What do I look like after a botox treatment?

armpit sweating in a woman where treatment with botox is required

Botox (botulinum toxin) is used both for wrinkles and for sweating. The result is always individual and depends on the conditions you have. The amount of Botox used also has an impact, of course.

Here you can see before and after pictures from former clients of Conturkliniken®.

It is not uncommon but completely harmless for the following to occur after a botox treatment

  • some swelling
  • some redness
  • bruises.

Can I get swelling and redness after botox treatment?

After a botox treatment, the area of the treatment can sometimes become a little red and flushed. This usually disappears within an hour and is completely normal. You may also experience some swelling in the area, which is completely harmless and normal.

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Can I get bruises after botox treatment?

Usually you won't have any bruising after the treatment, but sometimes you may be a bit unlucky. A bruise is a small haemorrhage in the skin - there is no danger of bruising after the treatment and it usually disappears within a few weeks. It can sometimes help to cool the area to avoid bruising.

Man get an injection treatment with filler or botox.

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