What is abdominoplasty?

Operating lights
Female abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is a very popular and common plastic surgery procedure. The aim of the surgery is to remove excess skin on the abdomen, but also to tighten the muscles.

Excess skin on the stomach is common afterwards:

  • Pregnancy where the abdominal muscles have become stretched and protruding
  • Weight loss after obesity

Conturkliniken® offers abdominoplasty, read more about the procedure here.

It is possible to perform liposuction in conjunction with abdominoplasty, but experience has shown that the results are better if you wait some time between the two procedures.

Is abdominoplasty dangerous?

Major surgery such as abdominoplasty always involves risks. People who have been very overweight often have an increased tendency to bleed. We at Conturkliniken® are of course aware of the risks associated with surgery, and have well-developed strategies to prevent them. Before an operation, a dose of antibiotics is given, and afterwards blood thinners are given.

What is tummy tuck?

Have you searched for information on abdominoplasty and found the term "tummy tuck" instead? Tummy tuck is the same as abdominoplasty, but is an expression used in English-speaking countries, and has reached Sweden through popular culture, for example.

How does abdominoplasty work?

Before the operation, the patient must refrain from taking blood thinners and painkillers. The procedure itself takes about 2-3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Through an incision in the lower part of the abdomen, the surgeon can remove skin and fat from the muscles. Read more about the procedure in our step-by-step guide!

We at Conturkliniken® offer abdominoplasty. We always start with a consultation where we go through the procedure, your wishes and how we can best help you. Book a consultation here.