What is an endoscopic forehead lift?

An endoscopic brow lift, or endoscopic brow lift as it may also be called, involves surgically lifting the eyebrows and forehead. It is a procedure suitable for those who are bothered by wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows - the "angry wrinkle".

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Patient receiving a consultation for a forehead and eyebrow lift.

Some people have low eyebrows because of genetics, while others have them as they age. It's easy to feel old and look worried and tired when you see your eyebrows moving downwards. Because of this, people get into the habit of raising their eyebrows, which leads to forehead wrinkles.

Through an endoscopic forehead lift, the wrinkles in the forehead and between the eyebrows are smoothed out - the result is that happier and more alert look many dream of.

How the endoscopic forehead lift works

The endoscopic brow lift is less invasive than many other procedures and has no problem with visible scars. It also does not affect hair growth, as other methods can do. The procedure involves making 3 to 5 small incisions in the scalp using the keyhole technique.

In the past, an incision was made between the ears and the entire scalp on the scalp - our modern method is much more gentle. It is possible to perform a forehead lift under local anaesthesia, but we recommend that the patient be put under anaesthesia.

Often the endoscopic forehead lift is combined with e.g. eyelid surgery or facelift - according to Conturmetoden.

A brow lift can be done as a more permanent alternative to injection treatments, or combined if preferred.

Dr Gunnar Göransson with patient. Consultation before a facial treatment.

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