What is gynaecomastia?

Gynaecomastia means that the mammary gland tissue in men or boys is increased - and has caused an enlargement of one or two breasts.
The word comes from the Greek gyne (woman) and mastos (breast).

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If you're wondering how to get rid of your gynaecomastia, you can rest assured that we at Conturkliniken® have many years of experience with the procedure. see our great results here.

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Gynaecomastia is not at all uncommon and can occur at any age, from early adolescence. For many, it is a purely aesthetic problem and it is easy to start questioning how masculine you look with enlarged mammary glands. But it's also common for people to worry and wonder about the cause.

Can drugs cause gynaecomastia?

Many people wonder why they suffer from gynaecomastia. Common causes are:

  • Increased fat accumulation, known as pseudogynecomastia or lipomastia.
  • Hormonal imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen in the body
  • Medicines

Often the cause cannot be blamed on a single factor. There are medicines that affect the body's hormonal balance. Prostate cancer drugs, for example, but also natural remedies that increase the body's oestrogen.

How to get rid of gynaecomastia?

If you have suffered from gynecomastia for a long time, perhaps several years, surgery is the only option. At Conturkliniken®, we offer breast reduction for men. We remove fat and mammary gland tissue, resulting in a flat chest. The treatment methods vary depending on your anatomy, which is why we always start your treatment with us with a consultation, during which you easily book online.