What is rosacea and can it be treated?

Why does rosacea occur?

Rosacea is a skin disease that causes rashes and redness on the face. Some people also have problems with their eyes. It is all due to an inflammation of the skin on the face, but it is not known for sure why it occurs. It seems to be a combination of heredity and environment.

Woman with rosacea on her face.


  • Not contagious
  • Is hereditary
  • Most people who receive it are middle-aged.
  • Appears as a rash or superficial blood vessels
  • Makes the skin feel warm and prickly

Many people find that their symptoms are made worse by weather factors such as sun, cold or wind. But also spicy food and alcohol - and even stress.

It's not surprising that people want to do something about pink seaweed. Not only does it cause physical discomfort, it also affects the appearance in a way that most people find negative. Some people think that they feel pimply like in their teens, and others are afraid that others will think that the red rash is due to alcohol. Putting energy into applying make-up with the right shades can be really demanding.

How to treat rosacea

There are creams that treat the part of the rosacea caused by the acne, and with IPL the vessels can be treated.

" Learn more about how we treat rosacea with medical skincare.

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