Why should you wear a girdle after abdominoplasty?

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If you are considering abdominoplasty you may have heard that you can wear a girdle afterwards. And indeed, when you wake up from the anaesthetic, you will notice that you have a girdle around your stomach.

Female abdominoplasty

After a tummy tuck, you must wear a girdle around the clock for 4 weeks and then during the day for another 4 weeks. The girdle prevents fluid from building up in the surgical area, reduces swelling and allows the area to heal faster and better. The tape on the surgical incisions is changed after one week and then continuously once a week for several months to optimise the healing of the incision. Exercise can be done after 4 weeks but abdominal exercise only 8 weeks after surgery.

A post-operative brace also provides some pain relief and allows you to return to full mobility more quickly.

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Consider this after abdominoplasty

After undergoing abdominoplasty surgery, you will need to stay overnight. You will need to be on sick leave for at least a week - you will have difficulty standing up during this time. The recovery time is determined by the type of work you do. Initially the scar will be red, but it will fade over the first year.

As a result of the tummy tuck, your abdominal wall becomes firmer and your stomach stops bulging. Excess fat and skin on the stomach is removed.

After the operation:

  • Do you receive blood-thinning injections
  • Will you wear a girdle after the tummy tuck, for about six weeks.
  • Think about moving, but without getting sweaty. Lying still is not good
  • After two days you can take a shower
  • Avoid alcohol in the first week
  • Smoking hampers the healing process, so refrain from it for the first few weeks - or quit altogether.
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